Housing Prevention & Diversion

house help

  • Prevention & Diversion Workers redirect homeless individuals and families to existing, non-emergency and natural housing supports
  • Assist clients with Homelessness Prevention Fund applications, as well as Discretionary Residency Benefit applications
  • Prevention & Diversion workers assist households in developing brief intervention plans which detail steps to take to meet immediate housing stability goals and avoid housing crisis in the future
  • Plan may include:
    • Landlord mediation, tenant education, and legal advocacy
    • Credit counselling/budgeting
    • Access to housing listings, accompany client to view potential housing unit(s)
    • Connect clients with community resources

Housing Resource Centre

The Salvation Army Housing Resource Centre, a program of Community and Family Services, helps people to find and keep housing and prevent homelessness in the City of Kingston.

All of our services are confidential and FREE and available to individuals or families who are homeless or are at risk of losing their housing.

We provide support and information on how to find or keep appropriate and affordable housing. This includes providing access to housing lists, internet access, phone service as well as one on one support and other referrals to appropriate services in the area.

Please feel free to drop into our Housing Resource Centre.

Can We Help You?

Are you currently at risk of losing your housing?
Do you need help securing housing or finding new accommodations
Are you living on the street or couch surfing?
Are you having issues with your landlord?

We provide:

  • support and information on how to secure or keep housing for those that are homeless or at risk of losing housing
  • access to housing lists, internet sites and phone service
  • referrals to appropriate services in the area
  • Community Voice Mail

The Homelessness Prevention Fund

The Homelessness Prevention Fund (HPF) provides funding to assist families who meet the fund’s eligibility requirements to stay housed or secure housing (e.g. through offering rent or utility assistance).

Funding is in the form of a non-repayable grant that prevents an upcoming eviction or assists homeless individuals or families with moving to permanent housing.

The HPF replaces funding previously under the Low Income Assistance Bank, and the Rental Deposit Assistance program.

Eligible Expenses and Funding Maximums

  1. Each household cannot exceed these maximum amounts available:
    • up to $1200 every 24 months for singles and couples with no children; or
    • up to $2000 every 24 months for families with children.
  2. Funding can be considered for the following eligible expenses if the applicant is housed and under threat of eviction:
    • rent, mortgage, property tax arrears
    • utility arrears (water, heat, hydro, propane, or wood)
    • damages (requires a ruling from the Landlord and Tenant Board)
  3. Funding can be considered for the following eligible expenses if the applicant is homeless and needs assistance to secure the rental unit:
    • moving and related start-up expenses
    • first and/ or last month's rent
    • tenant insurance (if required prior to move-in)

In all cases documentation is required to verify an expense.

Applicants must

  • be a resident of the city of Kingston or the County of Frontenac including Frontenac Islands
  • be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrants or refugee claimant (proof required);
  • must have income below these Housing Income Limits:
    • for a 1 person household less than $29,000 annually
    • for a 2 person household less than $33,500 annually
    • for a 3 person household less than $40,000 annually
    • for a 4 person or more household less than $48,500 annually

pdfProgram Brochure341.21 KB

Applicants can be homeowners, renters, or people who are currently homeless. Eligible renters can be living in market, affordable or Rent-Geared-To-Income (RGI) units.

If you are an Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) client, you are not eligible for the Homelessness Prevention Fund. If you are in need you can apply for the Discretionary Residency Benefit at 362 Montreal Street, Kingston or by downloading the form from the Ontario Works forms page.