Is it Suitable?

Do a careful walk-through of the apartment or house when you go to see it. Check any signs of damage or needed repairs and make notes. Here's a list of things to look for:

  • Do the walls and ceiling have cracks or signs of water damage?
  • Do all doors and windows close tightly to avoid drafts in winter, and open easily for ventilation?
  • Do all taps, sinks, tub and shower have good water pressure and drain well?
  • Do any rooms (and basement if included) show signs of mildew or mould?
  • Are there enough working electrical outlets in each room, and are there any three-prong outlets?
  • Is there adequate indoor and outdoor lighting?
  • Do all of the appliances work?
  • Are there any signs of bugs or pests?
  • Are there enough smoke detectors and fire exits?
  • Does the unit, building and neighbourhood feel safe and secure?

If the apartment needs repairs, ask the landlord about them before you agree to rent. Ask if the landlord will agree to include those repairs in the lease, or sign a list of repairs that need to be completed. 

Before renting, talk to other tenants in the apartment or building if possible.

You can also visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website to view their Evaluation Worksheet.

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