Last Month’s Rent

Your landlord can ask you to pay last month's rent before you move in. Make sure you get a receipt for your last month's rent and ask your landlord for a rent receipt each month. Your landlord must supply a receipt for any rent payment, rent deposit, or other charge, if you ask for one. 

Your landlord cannot require you to pay illegal deposits. Check with the Kingston Community Legal Clinic ( ) if you think you have paid an illegal deposit or charge.

If your rent increases in the future, your landlord may ask you to pay more for your last month's rent deposit, so it matches your new rent. Your landlord must pay you interest each year on your last month's rent deposit. The province sets the amount of interest each year.

If you do not have enough money for last month's rent, you may be eligible for some help from the Housing Prevention and Diversion Program. If the landlord won't accept payment arrangements, you may be able to get assistance through one of the following sources:

Both those on O.W. and ODSP can access the Discretionary Residency Benefit through Ontario Works - applications available online -

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