Property Standards

If your landlord does not fix a problem after you have asked in writing, you can contact The City of Kingston to ask for an inspection by the Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer. You will need to make your complaint in writing. In the City, the Property Standards Officer can be contacted by calling the City at:

613-546-4291, extension 3280
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Property Standards & Maintenance will follow up on complaints about the maintenance of the building, including problems like broken windows, unsafe stairs, holes in walls, or broken furnaces or appliances (supplied by landlord). They will also look into complaints about the property outside the building, including garbage and junk, long grass, snow and ice, or cars.
You can also write a letter about your complaint. The letter should include:

Your name
Your address
Contact information
Brief description of the problem
Landlord's name and contact information

Make sure you clearly list the problems in your complaint. Generally the Officer will only look at the problems listed on the form or in your letter.

The Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer will come to your home to inspect the things you've mentioned in your complaint. Please note someone needs to be home to let the Officer into your home to do the inspection. If the Officer finds problems, he or she will write a letter to the landlord giving them a time limit to fix the problem. You will need to let the Officer into your home again to check to see if the landlord has fixed the problem. If the problem isn't fixed, the Officer will follow up with the landlord and can issue an order and go to court to make the landlord do the repairs.

You can ask the Property Standards or By-Law Enforcement Officer for a copy of the letter sent to the landlord about the repairs. This letter gives you proof of the maintenance problems, and can be used if you want to file a Maintenance application with the Board.

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